From the Neck Up Services

Brow Wax-$25

Brow Hybrid Tint-$30

This Brow treatment is a hybrid of henna & dye that intensively tints the skin up to 7 days & dyes the hairs up to 7 weeks. With the wide color pallet your brows will be customized to you. It is gentle on your hair structure & there is no down time.

Brow Wax & Brow Hybrid Tint-$50



Lash Tint-$25

The choice between a blue black or blackest black tint that lasts up to 7 weeks.

Lash Lift & Lash Tint-$100

A "perm" for your lashes. Curls you lashes 6-8 weeks! Tint lasts on hair for up to 7 weeks. Non-invasive and no down time


Removing the outermost layer of dead skin & vellus hair using a medical grade scalpel. This procedure is painless and leaves your skin exfoliated, smooth, and allows hydrating products to penetrate easily. You will leave your appointment with free after care products. **Not a facial

Tooth Gem Installation-$55 (+$15 for gem)

Body Services




Under Arm-$20

Half Arm-$35

Full Arm-$60

Half Leg-$45

Full Leg-$90

Additional Patch (bellow the belly button, butt crack, or toes)- $5+

Intimate Services

(female, male, non binary, MTF & FTM)

Full Booty-$20

Bikini- One finger span into the basic panty line-$40

Tailored Bikini- A little bit more into the panty line but not everything -$48

Brazilian-all gone or leave a little something, something (15 minute/45 minute)-$55-75*

Add Ons

The Cool Down-$15

This is an on add service to any wax. The wax is followed with a Calming Serum & a customized Hydro-Jelly Mask to your match your skin condition. This hydrating & cooling treatment is ideal for those that want a moment to soothe their skin and take a relaxing breathe from what all just happened. This is a particularly ideal choice for first time (Brazilian) waxers.

Ingrown Treatment -$45

This is an add on treatment to your Brazilian Wax that is designed for clients with active ingrown hairs. The skin is cleansed, extractions removed, high frequency wand used, a serum & enzyme treatment applied, & mask treatment to finish. We will discuss an at home plan to keep your skin hydrated, healthy, & ingrown free during your visit. Comes with FREE product.

**Brazilians vary based on anatomy. Prices range due to time spent waxing.